Protecting your future as a spa professional is not just about making money. Know what your professional licensing, state regulatory boards and legislators are doing.

1. Bookmark your state regulatory board’s website in your browser and check it monthly for: Board meeting dates to attend; contact information and bios for your state regulatory board members; Board minutes if you didn’t attend the last meeting; press releases to review if available; and, biannually, download and review rules, regulations and statutes (be sure to check for revisions and dates).

2. Sign up (if available) to receive your state regulatory board e-newsletters and bulletins.

3. Join a state or regional association to network with esthetician licensees in your state.

4. Join a national coalition for standardized political advocacy and get involved.

5. Be sure you are a registered voter.

6. Meet your state’s elected officials and educate them (and staffers) about what an esthetician is; consider giving them a results-oriented facial.

7. Ask them to alert you of bills regarding esthetician licensing.

8. Find out how your state legislature is structured, and learn how bills can be introduced into your senate or house.

9. Get nationally certified and be better prepared for the future.

10. Understand the big picture. As important as it is for you to know what is going on in your state, learn what national advocacy issues will affect your licensure if you want to move to another part of the country.