Most of the time we have the adults in our chairs or a teenager that come in for an acne treatment.

But what about our very young?

Massage for children becomes more and more popular. Due too much demanding school work, peer pressure and competitiveness games, children experience more and more stress in their young life’s. What could have a negative affect on a physical, emotionally and mental level.
A relaxation facial massage could relieve some of the burden. More and more parents scheduling dual face and skin treatments together with their child.
The facial massage doesn’t have to be so different than that of an adult facial massage The focus in a child’s facial massage is much for towards creating relaxation
Not only will this increase their mental activity and a positive effect on their behavior, it also increases the Oxytocin levels; the so called “hug hormone”

1 Start with hand-over-hand effleurage on the forehead (direction towards the hairline)

2. Place your hands on the side of the face (temple), thumbs in the center of the forehead and give slowly intermittent pressure with the thumbs.

3. Effleurage from chin towards the ears

4. Ear massage, there a enormous many energy points in the ears.

4. Ear massage and finish with cupping the ears with your hands, this gives a very comfortable feeling for the client.

5. Scalp massage. “Comb” with your hands through the clients hair.

6. The finishing touch. Cross your hands and place them on the sternum, with light pressure. This will regulate the heart chakra.

Then follow with placing your hands on the shoulders and upper arms, for a few seconds. Then slowly remove your hands and shake them off.